Leadville, CO

Leadville was a boom town founded in 1877 by miners Horace Tabor and August Meyer at the start of the Colorado Silver Boom. Mines in the area have since produced gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, and molybdenum. Like so many of the old Colorado mining towns, the current economy of Leadville relies primarily on tourism. Leadville is located on US Hwy 24 in Lake County at an elevation of 10,125 ft, which makes it the highest incorporated city in the country. Its population is around 3000. I stopped in Leadville on a road trip in September 2019. After lunch at Casa Sanchez 2 Mexican Restaurant, I took an abbreviated photo stroll up and down Harrison Avenue which contains most of the town's historic buildings. I'll actually take the historic district tour next time I'm in Leadville.

Silver Dollar Saloon est. 1879

Tabor Opera House est. 1879

View north down Harrison Avenue

No idea what these buildings are

The mural to the right honors the 10th Mountain Division, the only US Army division specially trained to fight in mountainous and arctic conditions. Originally constituted as the 10th Light Division (Alpine), it was redesignated the 10th Mountain Division in 1944. The unit was garrisoned at Camp Hale, about 16 miles north of Leadville on US Highway 24.

10th Mountain Division Mural

Breene Block built 1897
(currently the Scarlet Lounge)

Quincy Block

Quincy Block adjoining the American Bank Building

American Bank Building 1892

Now the home of Szechuan Taste II Restaurant
Don't know what it was originally

Technicolor businesses

Ski Joring in Leadville

Stickley Insurance Agency est. 1882 (center)
New Sayer-McKee Building/KW Plaza (right)

Tabor Grand Hotel

Delaware Hotel 1886

Leadville Police Department

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