Climax Molybdenum Mine

The Climax Molybdenum Mine is located along CO State Highway 91 in Lake County. "The Climax Molybdenum Mine started production in 1918 and grew to become the world’s largest underground mine. Deemed a national priority during World War II because of molybdenum’s importance in hardening steel, Climax continued to grow for a generation after the war. A molybdenum price crash sent the mine into a tailspin in the 1980s, devastating the local economy. After decades of maintenance and environmental restoration, the mine resumed production in 2012.",

Mine Tailings Waste Pond

Wastewater Pipes from Mine to Pond

Mine Entrance

Climax Molybdenum Mine

Climax Mine

Concrete Dome

The dome is a monolithic concrete structure built by Dome Technology. It has a storage capacity of 130,000 metric tons of ore. It was designed to support the weight of an existing conveyor system and head house, in addition to heavy snowloads. The conveyor feeds directly into the apex of the dome.

Outdoor Museum

The Climax Mine maintains a small outdoor museum across CO State Highway 91 from the mine entrance. There are displays of mining equipment and signage on the history of the Climax Mine, uses for molybdenum, etc.

Museum Entrance

Molybdenum Steel

Leadville Minerals

EIMCO Pneumatic Mucker

Ore Carts

Pneumatic Drills

Climax Mine History

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