Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is 1.5 million acres in size and includes 20 percent of the original Florida everglades. It provides habitat and protection for several endangered species like the American crocodile, the Florida manatee, and the Florida panther (very rare). One species I could have done without was the mosquito. A great way to see some of the park is to take a boat tour, which I did on a boat called the "Pelican" during my visit in 1999.

Park sign

"Pelican" Back Country Cruise

Waiting for the Cruise

Under way at last

Looks like a swamp

Our first alligator sighting

Of course we need a few more alligator photos.

Gator in the Reeds


Closer still...

Another Gator

And another

And a few other photos

Softshell Turtle

Softshell Turtle

Rock Reef Pass
one of the higher points in the park

If you have limited time to spend in Everglades NP then Royal Palm is the place to go. The Royal Palm Information Station (aka Royal Palm Visitor Center) is located about a mile from the Homestead park entrance on FL State Road 9336. Once you get there walk along the Anhinga Trail, a short (8/10 mile), round trip hike through a sawgrass marsh. You will see alligators, birds, and weird plants and insects.

Boardwalk along the Anhinga Trail


Probably an immature Great Blue Heron

Heron eyeing an alligator

Lubber Grasshopper


Striped Mud Turtle? covered with algae


And last but not least...

And so we bid adieu to the Everglades. Background content obtained from Wikipedia.
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