BASE Jumping in Twin Falls

The first stop of a five-day trip to Idaho in July, 2020, was Twin Falls, where we spent the night at the Oregon Trail Campground. This was fortunate, because the campground owner suggested we check out the BASE jumpers on the Perrine Bridge. For those of us unfamiliar with the sport of BASE jumping, is involves launching oneself off a fixed object then deploying a parachute for the landing. BASE stands for the four objects off which a BASE jumper jumps: Building, Antenna, Span (bridge), and Earth (cliff). BASE jumping is one of the more dangerous forms of parachuting because the jump is made from fairly low altitude, the jumper only has one parachute, and the object from which the jump is made can get in the way. Not a sport I will be taking up any time soon.

Snake River Canyon

Snake River


I.B. Perrine Bridge

Base Jumper Landing Zone

Landing Approach

BASE Jumper

BASE Jumper

BASE Jumper

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