Tillamook Creamery

The Tillamook Cheese Factory is located on US Hwy 101 in Tillamook, OR. The visitor center at the factory is known as the Tillamook Creamery, and hosts over a million visitors a year. My sister, her husband, and I were 3 of those million visitors in 2018. This stop turned out to be the high point of our trip for Pete. The Creamery has various exhibits on dairies, farming, and of course cheese making. In fact, you can watch the whole cheese making process from a second floor viewing area. You get free cheese samples and can buy cheese in their well stocked gift shop. Cheese-whiz I could go on all day about Tillammok cheese. Oh, did I mention they were serving ice cream outside the Creamery when we were there?

Tillamook Creamery


Grand Entrance

Tour starts here

Like father, like son

Cooking Vats
Cheddar Master


Block Forming Towers
Vacuum Sealer

Wrap it up

Bucket display

Gift shop

A pretty cheesy place

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