Smiley Creek Lodge

I was cruising along Idaho 75 in July of 2020 when bam, up pops Smiley Creek Lodge, so I decided to stop for breakfast. I gotta tell ya, that was one delicious meal. Smiley Creek Lodge is 37 miles north of Ketchum on ID Hwy 75. The lodge is full service with cabins, RV spaces, and of course the restaurant. It sells groceries, gasoline, LP gas, etc. I think there might even be live music on Tuesdays. And then there are the funky lawn decorations - a bear holding a salmon, bears playing chess, a log full of critters.

Smiley Creeek Lodge

Smiley Creek Lodge

Lodge Interior


Outdoor Patio

Cabins, Yurts, and Teepees

Next Door Neighbors

Bear and Salmon

Log full of critters

Log full of critters

Chess anyone?

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