Shepherdstown, WV

I went to Shepherdstown several times during my short stay in West Virginia. It's a little more (how to put this tactfully) trendy and upscale than Charles Town. After all, it is a college town.

Historic German Street

View east along German Street

View west along German Street

Further west along German Street

Mecklenburg Inn
128 E German Street

Village Florist and Piccadilly Posh

Shepherdstown Sweet Shop and Bakery

Strolling down German Street

Still strolling

German Street Marketplace

Candles in German Street Marketplace

International Order of Odd Fellows

Cool Building
(also Mi Degollado Mexican Restaurant)

No idea

Bavarian Inn and Shepherd University

Bavarian Inn

Bavarian Inn

Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Shepherd University

Shepherd University

Shepherd University

Confederate Soldiers Buried in Elmwood Cemetery

Confederate Soldiers in Elmwood Cemetery

Confederate Soldiers Memorial

Unknown Soldier

Elmwood Cemetery

Unknown Soldier

Elmwood Cemetery

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