Palisade, Colorado

For those of you who don't already know, Palisade was founded on April 4, 1904, which makes it probably the youngest town in the Grand Valley. Palisade excels at growing things: peaches, grapes, cherries, lavender, and so forth. It may be known as the Peach Capital of Colorado, but I'll take the grapes. Palisade is in the heart of Colorado wine country, and those grapes get turned into some mighty fine wines. Let's start the tour by exploring downtown Palisade, which has a lot of neat craft shops, art galleries, etc, etc. One of my favorite art galleries is the Blue Pig, which is featured below.

Tiny Park on Main Street

Shops along 3rd Street

See anything you like?

View down 3rd Street

Rapid Creek Cycles

The Blue Pig Gallery
Corner of 3rd and Main

Welcome to the Blue Pig Gallery

Really cool paintings and sculpture

I like just hanging out in Palisade because I usually always find something interesting (old buildings, etc).

Old Railroad Station

"Rusty's Dream"
by Lyle Nichols

Palisade Old High School

Fish Out of Water

Waiting for a Fare

Lots of Color

Palisade is all about produce. I recently got a few pounds of really sweet cherries at Kathy's Orchard. Good thing too, cause cherry season is just about over. I think peaches are picked in August. I would like grapes to be in season all year long.

Lavender Field

Lavender Bush

Sprigs & Sprouts
(All things lavender)


Peach Orchard

Talbott's Mountain Gold Market

Peach Orchard - Mt. Garfield in background

Anita's Pantry and Produce

All kinds of jams and jellies at Anita's

Palisade vineyards and wineries come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fancy. Some are unpretentious. But they are all special to my way of thinking. We have Carlson Vineyards, Colorado Cellars, Colterris Winery, DeBeque Winery, Grand River Vineyards, and Varaison Vineyards to name a few. I wish I could include photos of every one, but the tour would be way too long. I am going to feature Colterris this time because of their fantastic landscaping.

Grande River Vineyards

Red Fox Cellars

DeBeque Canyon Winery

DeBeque Canyon Winery Tasting Room

Hermosa Vineyards

Talon Winery and St. Kathryn Cellars

High Country Orchards and Colterris Winery

Nice Tractors at Colterris

Colterris Tasting Room

"James" by Lyle Nichols
High Country Orchards/Colterris Winery

Lavender Varieties
High Country Orchards/Colterris Winery

"Screwball" by Scott High
High Country Orchards/Colterris Winery

And if you're not into wine, Palisade also has cideries and a brewery.

Palisade Brewing Company

Palisade Brewing Company

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