Oregon Photos

Welcome to Oregon, the Beaver State. I traveled there in August of 2018 looking for great Kodak moments. This is where I dump the odd photos that don't fit nicely into a presentation of their own.

Somewhere near Klamath, OR

Fort Klamath Frontier Military Post
Est. 1863

Guard House
Fort Klamath Military Post

Fort Klamath Military Post

The Sun
8:41 AM Aug 21, 2018

Fort Klamath General Store
Town of Fort Klamath

Haunted house
Town of Fort Klamath

with eviction notice on the door

Annie Creek Restaurant
Stopped for lunch

Drive-by shot of a house
in Yachats, OR

Pirate Picker - "Antiques or Uniques"
Seal Rock, OR

Full line of unique antiques

Hauser Gallery - Seal Rock, OR

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