Welcome to the Newseum, a museum devoted exclusively to the Press and the First Amendment. It's an extremely interesting museum in which you can easily spend a whole day or more. For some reason that I never ascertained, the museum recommends that you proceed immediately to Level 6 and work your way down. By the time I got to Levels 1 and 2 I was wasted, so I have no photos of those two levels. I have chosen to work my way up for this tour. I've started shooting video in the last few years, and there are several video clips included in this tour (that load slowly). The Newseum posts daily front pages of newspapers from all 50 states at street level (you can read them from the sidewalk outside the museum) and also on Level 6.

Front Pages Posted Daily

Hubbard Broadcasting Concourse

Newseum Concourse Map

CONUS - First satellite newsgathering vehicle

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

Headless Statue of Lenin

Icons Tumble

Lenin statue removed from Bucharest, Romania

Documentary and Sports Theaters - Concourse

Rudyard Kipling Quote

Excerpt from Documentary Presentation

Justice Earl Warren Quote

Excerpt from Sports Presentation

Level 3

This floor has a display of Jim Morin editorial cartoons (no photos). Also located on Level 3 are the Time Warner World News Gallery (press freedom around the world), Journalists Memorial, and the Bloomberg Internet, TV, and Radio Gallery.

Level 3 Map

News Copter - View from Level 3

World Press Freedom Map

World Press Freedom

Journalists Memorial

Journalists Memorial

Journalists Memorial

Internet, TV and Radio Gallery

Level 4

Level 4 contains Civil rights Exhibits, the First Amendment Gallery, and the 9/11 Gallery. The only thing I have from this level is a very brief video from the 9/11 Gallery showing the mangled broadcast antenna from the World Trade Center.

Level 4 Map

Broadcast Antenna from World Trade Center

Level 5

The News History Gallery (the Newseum's largest gallery) is located on this level. It contains many interesting exhibits as well as over 300 front page stories of significant historic events. Unfortunately the gallery was darkened and photography was not permitted to protect the front page editions.

Level 5 Map

Fake News!

Excerpt from Big Screen Theater
Robert H. and Clarice Smith Big Screen Theater

Level 6

This level has the display of daily front pages of newspapers from all 50 states as well as an exhibit called "Creating Camelot" to celebrate the centennial of John F. Kenney's birth. You can also go outside on a balcony and get a nice view up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Level 6 Map

Creating Camelot Exhibit

Creating Camelot Exhibit

Today's Front Pages - Level 6

Cornerstone of Democracy

Crew filming something

Hank Greensup Family Terrace

Newseum maps and background content obtained from Newseum Visitors Guide.

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