National Museum of Natural History

Welcome to the National Museum of Natural History. I visited and photographed the museum in 2017. Bear in mind that museum exhibits change from time to time, so the exhibits pictured here may not be there in the future. In fact, the National Fossil Hall was closed for renovation when I was there which left me a little bummed. That said, the following photos are examples of what you can expect to see when you visit the museum. I usually shoot without a flash to avoid distracting other people. To do this I increase the ISO value of the photo which means that some of these pictures will appear grainy, especially if enlarged.

National Museum of Natural History


Ground Floor Map

First Floor Map

Second Floor Map

Ground Floor - Birds of DC, Stores, and Cafes

Birds Gallery

Birds Exhibit

Golden Eagle

Museum Store

First Floor - Rotunda

Museum Rotunda

African Elephant

Museum Rotunda (no audio)

Elephant Discovery Station - Second Floor

Objects of Wonder - Second Floor

First Floor - Mammals

Hall of Mammals

Hall of Mammals

Welcome, mammals

Prey and Predators

Predator and Prey

Contented Coon

Australia or South America?

Definitely Australia

Narwhal Exhibit

Narwhal Exhibit

First Floor - Ocean Hall

Ocean Hall

Ocean Hall

Open wide

Marine Fossils

My guess is prehistoric.

Variety of Crinoids


Ocean Hall

The Deep Ocean

Colorful Reef Fish

I think this is all made from ocean trash.

Ocean Hall

Ocean Trash Sculpture

First Floor - African Voices

Entrance to African Voices

African Voices

Mud Masons of Mali

Second Floor - Bones and Mummies

Bones and Mummies

A lot of skeletons

Cats and Dogs



Mummy Exhibit

Second Floor - Last American Dinosaurs

Last American Dinosaurs




Last American Dinosaurs Exhibit

Fossil Lab

Tyrannosaurus Teeth

Changing Looks

Last American Dinosaurs Exhibit

Second Floor - Gems and Minerals

Hope Diamond Display

Hope Diamond






Beryl (emerald variety)

Silver and Copper


Bisbee Minerals

Minerals Exhibit

End of tour. Maps courtesy of National Museum of Natural History

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