Moab, UT

Moab could be considered the "city unique" of Utah. It's infested three-quarters of the year with gear heads and rock crawlers. Tourists show up with every kind of wheeled conveyance imaginable, from mountain bikes to $100,000 cliff climbing jeeps. The slickrock country around Moab is perfect for four-wheeling and off-roading. I've been to Moab many times, and I'm sorry to say that few of my photos capture this very important part of the Moab economy. Instead, I've included a series of random photos which may or may not convey the essence of Moab. I'll try to do better in the future.

Welcome to Moab

View down Main Street

Big Horn Lodge

Shops along Main Street

Earth Studio

Retail art

Very Colorful

Faux pictographs

Hogan Trading Company

Hogan Trading Co. interior

Metal kachinas

Music in the park

Testing the tomatos

Canyonlands Trading Post

The old and the new

Red rock just outside Moab

Tracks Museum

McStiff's Plaza

Bar-M Chuckwagon

I went to see the show at the Bar-M Chuckwagon in 2009. You got a chuckwagon meal, a shootout, and cowboy songs by the Bar-M Wranglers all for a very reasonable price. The Bar M Chuckwagon is now only available for private parties, and I understand that soon it will be known as the Handlebar Ranch. It's nice I got some photos from the good old days.

Doc Cranshaw's Wild West Medicine Show

Chuck Wagon


Did you just shoot this chicken?

The good guy

The bad guy

Good guy action figure

John Wayne

Bar-M Wranglers

One of the Buckaroo Brothers

Lin Ottinger's Rock Shop

Lin Ottinger started the Rock Shop in 1960 and it's still going strong. I've always been facinated by fossils and minerals (what kid isn't), and I try to stop by the Rock Shop every time I'm in Moab.

Lin Ottinger's Rock Shop - 1995

Lin Ottinger's Rock Shop - 2011

Rock Shop interior

Rock Shop interior

Petrified fish

Fossil ferns

Outdoor shopping

Could be rose quartz?

Pay on the honor system

Rock Shop

Sunset Grill

The Sunset Grill occupies the former residence of Charlie Steen, the "Uranium King" of Moab. The restaurant is so named because it sits high on a ridge and faces west over the valley with a terrific view of the sunset. I wanted to include more info on the house itself, but could not find any details.

Sunset Grill

Stephanie tries to fill
some big shoes.

View of Moab from Sunset Grill

Cactus garden

Attack of the brontosaurus

Outdoor dining at the Sunset Grill

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