Madrid, NM

Madrid (pronounced MAD-rid) is one of those places that I believe absolutely epitomizes New Mexico. It's funky, unpretentious, and thoroughly enchanting. Madrid is located on NM State Road 14 (aka the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway) on the east side of the Sandia Mountains. Madrid started life as a company-owned coal town. The Cerillos Coal and Iron Company built the town in 1892, and Madrid celebrated it "founding" in 1895. The demand for coal became less and less over the years, and in 1954 the coal company ceased operations and most of the town's residents left. Today, the resurrected ghost town is home to about 400 residents, many of whom are artists and craftmen. The town is a popular summer destination with its restaurants, galleries, and the historic Mine Shaft Tavern. Part of the movie, "Wild Hogs", was filmed in the tavern.

Are you stopped?

Michael Austin Wright - jack of all trades

fixer uppers

The Clay Horse pottery

The Clay Horse

your face here

Seppanen & Daughters Fine Textiles

colorful glassware

Crystal Dragon

Old Coal Town Museum

Old Coal Town Museum

Mostly Madrid Annex

Mine Shaft Tavern

Mine Shaft Tavern

Restored miners' homes

freeform sculpture

The Hollar restaurant


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