Lassen Volcanic National Park

Welcome to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Lassen experienced a series of eruptions from May 1914 until 1921. These eruptions released lava, lots of ash, and created a new crater. Lassen Peak and the surrounding area were declared a National Park on August 9, 1916.

The Park can be entered from the north via SR 44 and from the south via SR 36. SR 89 (Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway) connects the two entrances. The Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center is located at the south entrance and the Manzanita Lake area at the north entrance. I entered from the north and traveled south to the Sulphur Works (refer to map), then left the same way I came in. Less than half the park is accessible by paved road (SR 89).

I visited Lassen in August 2018, and many parts of the park were partially or totally covered by smoke from several wildfires burning in northern California. Lassen Peak was almost completely concealed by the smoke.

Map of Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway

Manzanita Lake Area

Manzanita Lake is located at the north entrance. A small museum is located here.


Manzanita Lake

Manzanita Lake

Manzanita Lake

Manzanita Lake

Loomis Ranger Station Renovation


Museum Interior

Museum Display

Museum Gift Shop



Museum Panorama

Chaos Craggs and Chaos Jumbles

Chaos Craggs is a series of 6 dome volcanos that have partially collapsed. The resulting avalanches formed the jumbles.

Interpretive Sign

Chaos Craggs

Chaos Craggs and
Chaos Jumbles

Devastated Area

The Devastated Area was caused by an avalance or lava rocks, mud, and snow resulting from an explosion on May 19, 1915. The area has largely recovered, but you can still see some effects of the avalance.

Interpretive Sign

Devastated Area

Devastated Area

Lassen Peak view from Devastated Area - Obscured by Smoke

Kings Creek

Trees along SR 89

Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway

Trees along SR 89

Kings Creek

Kings Creek

Lassen Peak

These photos show how smoky it was when I was there.

Permanent snow patch on Lassen Peak

Parking Lot
Start of Lassen Peak Trail

Lassen Peak through the smoke

Lake Helen and Emerald Lake

Lake Helen

Lake Helen Lassen Peak background right

Emerald Lake Sign

Emerald Lake

Sulphur Works

Sulphur Works is the only geothermal feature in the Park that is accessible from the main park road. The major attraction is a boiling mudpot, five feet across, located next to the sidewalk. There are fumaroles across the park road that emit lots of steam.

Interpretive Sign


Mud Pots

Mud Pots

Hydrothermal Feature

Sulphur Works Area

Mud Pots

Steam Vent

Busy Chipmunk

Parting Shots

Not sure which peak this is.

Distant View
Really Smoky

View south from SR 89

Rock Face

Another smoky view of Lassen Peak

Diamond Peak?

Gnarly Trees

Unidentified Evergreen

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