Keystone, SD

Keystone started life in 1883 as a mining town, and was named after a local mine. Keystone has turned itself into a resort town, serving the thousands of visitors to Mount Rushmore Memorial, which is located just outside of town. The historic part of Keystone is located on Winter Street which turns into Iron Mountain Road outside of town which also happens to be US Hwy 16A.

View down Winter Street

Stores on Winter Street

The Emporium

Black Hills Gifts and Gold

Boss' Pizza and Chicken

Dakota Leather Outlet

Panorama along Winter Street

Statue of a Gold Miner?

Dahl Chainsaw Art

I can't resist chainsaw art, especially when it's this good. The artist is Jarrett Dahl and his outdoor gallery is located between Iron Mountain Road and Roy Street in Keystone. His brother Jordan is also a chainsaw artist located in Deadwood.

Dahls Chainsaw Art

Several fanciful pieces

Knotty "Squatch"

Avenue of Wooden Things

Eagle and Bear

Really large chair

"Wipe yer paws"

Motoreagle, or maybe Eaglecycle

This carving was sold to Ripleys Believe It or Not for display in their Orlando Museum

Grizzly Bear Creek

Brave with eagle feathers

Wooden Ship

Dahls Chainsaw Art

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