Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, located in Albuquerque, is owned and operated by the 19 Indian Pueblos of New Mexico. The center opened in August of 1976 and is dedicated to Pueblo Indian Culture, History and Art. I visited the center in August of 2015.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center



Galleries and Exhibits

The center features rotating exhibits of living traditional and contemporary artists. There were two exhibits when I visited, one entitled "Reticulation and Refinement" and the other "Visionary Concepts" - Genres of Pueblo Art. The center also includes a 10,000 sq ft museum with exhibits on the history and culture of traditional Pueblo cultures.

"Reticulation & Refinement"

Contemporary Pottery

"Acoma Antelope Song"
by Merrill Quannie

"Cloud and Rainbow"
by Romando Vigil

"Visionary Concepts" - Genres of Pueblo Art

"One Horn Buffalo Dancer"
by Encarnacion Peña

"Emergence" by Ralph Aragon

Models of Acoma House Blocks

Video of Various Exhibits

Indian Pueblo Dancers

Traditional Indian dances and artist demonstrations are held on the weekends. The dances are held in the courtyard of the cultural center. The day I went I think the Zia? dance troupe was performing. Unfortunately I didn't get any information about the dance or significance of the various costumes (my bad).

Panorama of the Cultural Center Courtyard

Traditional Dancers

Traditional Dancers

Brief Video of a Traditional Pueblo Indian Dance

Background information obtained from Wikipedia.
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