Albert Christensen started blasting and drilling his dream house out of a rock cliff face near Moab, UT, in the early 1940's. By the time he and his wife moved in 1952 they had a 5000 sq. ft. 14 room mansion carved out of the rock. The couple operated a diner in the first room until 1955. Albert died in 1957 but Gladys ran the cafe and gift shop for another 17 years. They are both buried in an alcove near the entrance to the home. Today, HOLE N" THE ROCK is a thriving tourist destination with all kinds of signs, sculptures, funky curios, a petting zoo, several gift shops, and much more.


Large Lizard

Silver Spur sign

Prickly wishing well

Gift Shop in the rock

Gift Shop not in the rock

Another gift shop

Elevated Outhouse

General Store


"Vintage tools"

Scenery near HOLE N" THE ROCK

There's a lot of funky sculpture around, most of it metal.



Clubhead Golfer

Giant Knight

Heavy duty jeep


Howdy partner

by Lyle Nichols

Don't know

"Jail House Rock"
by Lyle Nichols

Vintage signs. A LOT of vintage signs.

And so good for you, too

"His Master's Voice"


Wonder Bread

Tom Keene Cigar

Shelton Pharmacy

Devoe Paint

Lots of license plates

Calumet Baking Powder

This is the end of our little tour. If you're every traveling down U.S. Highway 191 to or from Moab, I highly recommend you make a stop at HOLE N" THE ROCK.

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