Golden Spike National Historical Park

Golden Spike National Historical Park is located at Promontory Summit north of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The park commemorates the birth of the first transcontinental railroad with the joining of the Central Pacific rail line from Sacramento and the Union Pacific rail line from Omaha. The park initially covered only 7 acres when it was established in 1957. It expanded to 2,176 acres in 1967 through acqusition of a strip of land along 15.5 miles of the former transcontinental railroad right-of-way.
The park is named for the ceremonial 17.6 carat solid gold spike that was driven to complete the transcontinental railroad on May 10th, 1869. In addition to the Summit site where the rails were joined, the park includes the 1.5 mile Big Fill Loop hiking trail and the West and East Auto Tours (open in the summer). I made a quick trip to Golden Spike NHP in June of 2024. This was my last stop before heading home after 8 days on the road, and I didn't spend a lot of time at the park.

Entrance Sign

Visitor Center

Path to Golden Spike Site

Antique Cart

"Jupiter" (Central Pacific Engine #60)

"119" (Union Pacific Engine #119)

Meeting of the Railroads

Well stocked gift shop

Interesting Sculpture

Background information obtained from NPS brochures and Wikipedia.
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