Glen Canyon National Recreation Area/Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA) is a national recreation area and conservation unit of the United States National Park Service. It covers an area of over one million acreas of high desert around Lake Powell and lower Cataract Canyon in Utah and Arizona. The recreation area is named for Glen Canyon, which was flooded upon completion of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1966. The reservoir which formed is Lake Powell. The lake is popular for fishing, houseboating, and other aquatic activities. I took photos of the lake and dam in 2002, 2008, and 2023. Unfortunately I was not smart enough to take photos from the same vantage points in each of those years to compare water levels. Maybe in my next life. The Carl Hayden Visitor Center offers information and displays on the national recreation area, as well as great views of the dam and lake.

Park Sign

Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell 2002

Glen Canyon Dam 2002

Lake Powell 2002

Wahweap Marina

Colorado River somewhere near Hite, UT

Glen Canyon Dam
View from US-89 Overlook

Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell 2008

Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell 2008

Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell 2023

Glen Canyon Dam 2023

Carl Hayden Visitor Center

Carl Hayden Visitor Center

Visitor Center Gift Shop

Dam Units of the Colorado River Storage Project

Visitor Center Displays

Visitor Center Displays

Glen Canyon Dam Bridge

Information obtained from the National Park Service and Wikipedia.
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