Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch was originally part of a Spanish Land Grant given to Pedro Martin Serrano in 1766. Roy Pfaffle won the deed to the 21,000 acre ranch in a poker game in 1928, but his wife, Carol Stanley, ended up with the ranch after they divorced. She turned it into a dude ranch for the rich and famous, and eventually sold it to Arthur Pack, editor of Nature Magazine. Georgia O'Keefe was a frequent guest at the ranch, and its scenery was inspiration for many of her paintings. Pack sold the ranch to the Presbyterian Church which maintains it today as an educational and retreat center. Several fossil quarries are located on the ranch.

Log Cabin (2000)

Log Cabin (2015)

Ghost House

Ghost Ranch Red Rock Cliff

Ghost Ranch Red Rock Cliff

Cerro Pedernal in background

Abiquiu Lake

Ghost Ranch Complex

Gnarly Tree

Red Rock Country

Red Rock Cliff


Florence Hawley Ellis Museum of Anthropology / Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology

Two museums at Ghost Ranch well worth visiting.

Anthropology and Paleontology Museums

Tewa Pueblos

Tesuque Pueblo Pottery

Nambe Pueblo Pottery

Coelophysis Skeleton
(New Mexico State Fossil)


Museum Interior

Smilosuchus and Effigia



Photo explaining the previous 3 photos

Museum Display

Ruth Hall Exhibit

Museum Exhibit


Ghost Ranch Living Museum

I stumbled across this little gem in 1995. The Ghost Ranch Living Museum was a combination museum/zoo run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It featured exhibits on flora, fauna, geology, and history of the region. Sadly, the place no longer exists. It was closed in July of 1999 due to complaints from an animal rights group.

Stephanie at Ghost Ranch Living Museum

Big-ass Beaver

Museum Interior


Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs
(Cynomys ludovicianus)

Elk vs Deer Antlers

Striped Skunk
(Mephistis mephistis)

American Badger
(Taxidea taxus)

Gray Fox
(Urocyon cinereoargenteus)

New Mexico Black Bear
(Ursus americanus)

Indian Paintbrush

Suspension Bridge

Bonus - Abiquiu Lake

Abiquiu Lake is a reservoir created by construction of Abiquiu Dam in 1963. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages the lake along with recreation areas, boating facilities, and a campground. The Lake offers some of the best fishing in northern New Mexico. Many of the campsites are RV friendly.

Abiquiu Lake

Abiquiu Lake Campground


My dog Charlie
(Canis familiaris)

Enjoy the Moment

Enjoy the Moment

Cerro Pedernal (Flint Hill) reflected in the water

Cerrito Boat Ramp

Enjoy the Moment

Bode's General Store

Bode's General Store

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