Fruita, CO

The City of Fruita is located in the Grand Valley on I-70 west of Grand Junction. Fruita started out with an economy based on fruit orchards and farming, but is known today for dinosaurs and mountain bikes, and sometimes dinosaurs on mountain bikes. Fruita is just north of Colorado National Monument, with the Colorado River in between. Several dinosaur fossil discoveries have been made in and around Fruita, most notably Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus. The apatosaurus skeleton was found on the northeast side of of a hill now known as Dinosaur Hill. An excellent paleontology museum, Dinosaur Journey museum, is located in Fruita. I'm not a hard core mountain biker, but if I was I would seriously consider moving to Fruita. The area surrounding Fruita is absolutely infested with mountain biking trails with names like Zippety-do-da, Chutes and Ladders, Prime Cut, Joe's Ridge, etc. Kokopelli Trail runs from nearby Loma all the way to Moab, Utah. Fruita also holds music festivals and other events throughout the year.


and Mountain Bikes

Western Slope Vietnam Memorial

The Western Slope Vietnam Memorial is located near the visitor center in Fruita. The centerpiece of the memorial is a Bell UH-1H Iroquois "Huey" helicopter donated by the U.S. Army. The huey is mounted on a steel column above a 60 by 40 foot platform. The walls of the platform are lined with granite panels engraved with the names of Vietnam veterans. There is a bronze "Welcome Home" sculpture created by Richard Arnold in front of the Memorial. There is also a Walk of Honor made of memorial bricks.

"Welcome Home"
by Richard Arnold

UH-1H Huey

Memorial bricks in the Walk of Honor

Granite panels engraved with
the names of Vietnam Veterans


Memorial Bench
Delta Company - "Black Jack's Boys"

Dinosaur Journey Museum

Dinosaur Journey is a museum featuring the geology and paleontology of western Colorado. It's located on Jurassic Court in Fruita. I've been to it several times, and I'll probably go several more times. Check out the photo-essay, "Dinosaur Journey Museum", for more dinosauria.

Welcome to Dinosaur Journey

Dinosaur Journey Museum


T rex body parts

Colorado state fossil


Circle Park

Circle Park is a small park or large traffic circle (I'm not sure which) located at the intersection of Aspen Avenue and Mesa Street in downtown Fruita. Events like the Fruita's Fall Festival are often held in the park. The park is home to Grrrreta the Dinosaur.

Grrrreta the Dinosaur

Grinch is a mouthful

Teeny Rex

Pavillion in Circle Park

2017 Fall Festival

Kokopelli mountain biker

Aspen Avenue

Aspen Avenue is maybe the main east-west street running through the midddle of Fruita. It morphs into J6/10 Road east of town. A portion of it is lined with the more historic buildings in Fruita that now house newer stores and restaurants. Fruita has two craft breweries that I know of, Suds Bros. Brewery and Copper Club Brewing Company. There is a fair amount of sculpture along Aspen Ave, much of it devoted to prehistoric creatures or bikes or a combination of the two. I do have to mention "Mike The Headless Chicken". This sculpture by Lyle Nichols is based on a real live (or dead) chicken of some notoriety. You see Mike was supposed to be dinner for the Olsen family from Fruita. However the beheading left Mike with just enough brain that he continued to live in zombie-like fashion for the next 18 months. Mike the Headless Chicken (aka Miracle Mike) even toured on the side-show circuit during that time. I understand that Fruita now celebrates Mike the Headless Chicken Day each year. Strange but true.

"Mike The Headless Chicken"
by Lyle Nichols

Lamborghini in town

"Mike The Headless Chicken"
by Lyle Nichols

Over The Edge Sports

"Beep Beep" Let's Ride

Nice bike

Nearly extinct dinosaur

View down Aspen Avenue

The Hot Tomato
Great Pizza!

Suds Bros. Brewery

Copper Club Brewing Company

T-Rex trash

"Fat Tire Raptor"
by Rand Hillyer


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