Freer Gallery

The National Museum of Asian Art consists of the Freer and Sackler Galleries. I was more interested in the Freer Gallery and did not visit the Sackler Gallery even though it was right next door - so many museums, so little time. The Freer Gallery has major exhibits of art from the Indian Subcontinent, Islamic World, Japan, Korea, China, and American Painters.

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Freer Gallery Sign

Freer Gallery Entrance

Indian Subcontinent - Level 1 Galleries 1-2

Serpents of gold
Garland of gold

Description - Shiva, Lord of Dance

Shiva Nataraja
Lord of Dance

India Gallery

Goddess Shakti?

India Gallery

Hindu frieze

Arts of the Islamic World - Level 1 Galleries 3-4

Bowl, vase, and urn

Description for plate to the right

Plate commemorating some significant event

Japan - Level 1 Galleries 5-8

Don't mess with him

Interpretive Sign

Japanese Screen Gallery

"A Shrine by the Sea"

A Shrine by the Sea

Japanese screen

"A Pot for every Lover"

"A Pot for every Lover"

Tea Ceremony Items

3 Chinese Ceramics (left)
3 Japanese Reproductions (right)

Japanese Gallery

Charles Lang Freer - Level 1 Gallery 9

The Power to See Beauty

Portrait of Charles Lang Freer

Looking Like a Connoisseur

Rare photograph of Charles Lang Freer

Jar and Head of a Man
Egyption pieces from Freer's Collection

America - Level 1 Galleries 10-11 and Peacock Room - Level 1 Gallery 12

"Landscape with Goats"
John Singer Sargent

"Breakfast in the Loggia"
John Singer Sargent

"Twilight: Early Spring"
Dwight W. Tryon

Don't know

Peacock Room


Freer Gallery Courtyard

Freer Gallery Courtyard

Freer Gallery Courtyard (no audio)

China - Level 1 Galleries 13, 15-19

China Gallery

Ritual wine containers

Descriptive sign

Houma bronzes

China Gallery

China Gallery

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