Fort Seldon Historic Site

Fort Seldon was established by the Army in 1865 to provide protection for the residents of Southern New Mexico. It was named for Colonel Henry R. Seldon, an officer with the 1st New Mexico Infantry Regiment. The fort was situated near a ford in the Rio Grande with access to fuel and water. Troops from New Mexico and California began construction of the fort in May 1865. The structures of the fort were built of adobe brick. The fort was occupied from 1865-1878, and again from 1881-1891. About 1800 soldiers served at Fort Seldon during its years of occupation.
Fort Seldon Historic Site is located in Radium Springs, New Mexico and is managed by New Mexico Historic Sites. The site includes a visitor center, a small but excellent museum, and the fort ruins.

Fort Seldon Historic Site

Non-Commissioned Oficer's Uniform

Original Table from Fort Seldon

The Officers

The Enlisted Men

Museum Exhibit

12lb Howitzer


Fort Seldon Ruins

The fort was constructed primarily of adobe, and lack of maintenance and the weather have not been kind to it. All that remains of the original structures are foundations and some melted walls. The numbers in the captions correspond to the numbers in the Fort Seldon Walking Tour pamphlet.

Fort Seldon Historic Site

(4) Sally Port

(5) Post Prison

(5) Prison Foundation

(7) Non-Commissioned Officers' Quarters

(7) Non-Commissioned Officers' Quarters

(9) Barracks

(9) Barracks

(9) Barracks

(11) Post Hospital

(11) Post Hospital

(12) Commanding Officer's Quarters

(13) Officers' Row

The MacArthur family (including young Douglas)

(13) Officers's Row

(16) Buffalo Soldiers/The Sentinel

(16) The Sentinel
Sculpture by Reynaldo Rivera


There are several old wagons scattered around the site.

Ox Cart (Bullock Cart)

Freight Wagon

Freight Wagon With Two Water Barrels

Covered Wagon (Standard U.S. Army Wagon)

Covered Wagon without the Cover

Background information provided by New Mexico Historic Sites
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