Fort Klamath Frontier Military Post

Fort Klamath was established in 1863, and played a significant role in conflicts with the Klamath, Modoc, and Northern Paiute tribes. The fort grew to more than 50 buildings, including a sawmill and a post office. By the mid-1880s settlers in the area no longer needed the fort's protection, and the decision was made to close it. The last of the troops left the fort on June 23, 1890.

Fort Klamath is located just off Oregon Highway 62, about 36 miles from Klamath Falls and 32 miles from Crater Lake. I visited Fort Klamath on my way to Crater Lake in Aug of 2018 and June of 2024. FYI the guard house in the photos below is a modern building built on the site of the original guard house. It houses the fort's museum.

Fort Klamath Frontier Military Post

Post Jail

Klamath Agency Post Office

Sargeant Marv

Standard U.S. Army Wagon

The Modoc War was fought between the U.S. Army and a group of Modoc Indians from 1872 to 1873. The Modoc chief Kintpuash, also called Captain Jack, led a band of 150 Modoc people who fled the Klamath Reservation. Kintpuash and about 50 warriors held out for months in the lava beds south of Tule Lake. In April 1873 at a peace commission meeting, Captain Jack and some warriors killed General Edward Canby and Rev. Eleazer Thomas, and wounded two others. Captain Jack and the last of his band were finally captured and Jack and five warriors were tried for the murders of the peace commissioners. Jack and three warriors were executed and the remaining two sentenced to life in prison.

Graves of Capt. Jack and 3 warriors

Capt. Jack


Black Jim

Boston Charlie

Guard House Aug 2018

Guard House June 2024

Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit

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