Florence, OR

I rolled into Florence on a cool, cloudy/rainy morning in August of 2018. I was on my way up the Oregon Coast but stopped to visit "Historic Old Town Florence" and have a bite to eat. As near as I can tell, "Old Town" includes mostly Bay Street along the Siuslaw River waterfront, with parts of Laurel, Maple, and Nopal Streets thrown in for good measure. Old Town is a conglomeration of gift shops and boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and pubs. It's quaint and funky all at the same time.

Siuslaw River Bridge

You enter Florence from the south on Hwy 101 crossing the Siuslaw River on the Siuslaw River Bridge. This is a neat old bridge built in 1936. I think is has kind of an art deco look to it.

Siuslaw River Bridge

Siuslaw River

Siuslaw River Bridge

Bridge detail

One of my many seagull shots

Bridge plaque

Historic Old Town Florence

Old Town is a hodgepodge of gift shops, art galleries, and eateries. The majority of these establishments line Bay Street, which parallels the Siuslaw River. A more intellectual experience can be had at the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, located on Maple Street.

Shops along Bay Street

Bay Street Grille

Waterlilly Studio and Bonjour
on Bay Street

Wind Drift Gallery

Used to be Balcony Gourmet
morphed into All About Olives

Shops along Maple St
FRAA - Florence Regional Art Alliance

Beach House Gifts
and Backstreet Gallery

ICM Restaurant (International C Food Market)

Pick your Florence

Port of Siuslaw

The Port of Siuslaw is a local gathering place and event magnet for Florence. The Port has it all - a wide boardwalk, small shops, a marina, docks, the river, and all kinds of weather.


Welcome to the
Port of Siuslaw

Fishing boat "Brea"

Dockside panorama

Dockside dining

Another dockside panorama

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