Delta, CO

Delta started out as a trading post near the confluence of the Uncomphagre and Gunnison Rivers, and was incorporated in 1882. Delta has several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and I've included photos of some of them. These include the Delta County Bank Building which now houses the Delta Chamber of Commerce, First Methodist Episcopal Church of Delta, Egyptian Theatre, and believe it or not, the U.S. Post Office. I stopped in the Chamber of Commerce and got some good info from Debbie. She suggested Davis Clothing as a place I might find interesting. The store is a very cool mixture of old and new, and I got to chat with Brad Davis.

Welcome to Delta

Looking south down Main St (US Hwy 50)

Delta County Bank Building

County Bank Building National Register of Historic Places

Interior of the Delta County Bank Building
Notice the stamped ceiling - very vintage

Egyptian Theatre
National Register of Historic Places

Egyptian Theatre

First Methodist Episcopal Church of Delta
National Register of Historic Places

First Methodist Episcopal Church of Delta

Largest rooster in Delta
(Chicken Roost Restaurant)

Excellent Previously Owned Vehicles

Looking north down Main Street

Davis Clothing Company

Brad Davis

Delta bills itself as the "City of Murals" and driving around town it's easy to see why. Especially interesting to me is the mural with the logos of regional fruit growers. If you look at the panels below the mural panorama you'll notice how many of the names have native American associations. Coincidence? I think not.

"West Elk Wilderness" by Gina Allen

Title Unknown

Lots of Fruit

Tom-Tom Colorado Apples Thunder Mountain Fruit Trees

Tomahawk Colorado Apples

Blanket Brand CO Peaches
Indian Colorado Peaches

"A Piece of Art"
by Seth Weber

by W.R. Doherty

"Anna Dora Opera House"
by W.R Doherty

"Anna Dora Opera House"
by W.R Doherty

A definite "must see" when you're in Delta is the Delta County Museum located at 3rd and Meeker. I found it a fascinating place full regional history and artifacts and a surprisingly good collection of dinosaur fossils. Take another look at the hardware store mural. Schmidt and Sons were one of the owners of the 326 Main Hardware Store, and many of the artifacts pictured in the following photos of the Museum's Schmidt Hardware display came from there. Don't forget to see what's outside too.

Delta County Museum

Schmidt Hardware Display in Corner

Schmidt Hardware Display

100 Years a Hardware Store

Lots of Bones

Cops and Robbers

What's Cooking in Delta County

Big Bell Collection

Delta Hoosegow

Fort Uncompahgre

The last stop on my quick tour of Delta was Confluence Park and Fort Uncompahgre. The Fort was originally set up as a trading post for Utes and settlers. Antoine Robidoux built the trading post in 1828 and it lasted for 18 years until a band of Utes took issue with it. The decline in the local beaver population didn't help either. The City of Delta recreated the Fort in 1989 as close to the original site as possible. The resurrected Fort Uncompahgre is open June through October during which time people dressed in authentic costumes are engaged in authentic activities. Unfortunately, I missed my window to visit the Fort this time. However, I plan on another trip this summer. So look for a new edition of Colorado Places - Delta then.

Fort Uncompahgre

Fort Unchompahgre

Visitor and Ticket Center

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