Capulin Volcano National Monument

Capulin is an extinct cinder cone volcano located in northeast New Mexico. Capulin is a fairly young volcano (58 to 62 thousand years old) and has an elevation of 8,182 feet. Capulin was declared a National Monument in 1916. A park road spirals around the volcano, ending in a parking lot at its rim. There are also hiking trails that circle the rim and lead down into its mouth.



US Hwys 64 & 87

Unknown Volcano


Capulin Volcano

Entering the Monument

Park Sign

View southwest from rim parking lot

View west from rim parking lot

In the mouth of the volcano

Lava Flow

Town of Capulin
Horseshoe Crater behind and slightly to the right

Capulin Caldera

Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field

Lichen on Lava

Capulin Wildlife

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