Bluff, UT

Bluff is located in southeastern Utah canyon country at the intersection of U.S. Hwy 191 and Utah State Route 162. It was founded by a group of Mormon pioneers in 1880 who were on a mission to start a faming community in southeastern Utah. The group traveled over 200 miles of rough terrain and down through the famous Hole-in-the-Rock to reach the site of Bluff. Unfortunately, their efforts at farming met with failure and the residents slowly drifted away. The population declined to around 70 by 1930. I would guess the population to be around 300 today. Archaeologists have determined that the area around Bluff was occupied by humans as early as 650 A.D. So, the Bluff welcome signs proclaim the town was established in 650 A.D. The historic buildings remaining in Bluff date from the early days of Mormon settlement and include several houses of the original pioneers.

Welcome to Bluff
established 650 A.D.

Bluff Post Office 84512

Bluff Library
formerly the San Juan County Jail

Bluff Fire Station

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Jens House

Jens and Kirsten Nielson Home

Willard Butt Home

Lemuel H. Redd Home Sept 1992

Lemuel H. Redd Home July 2023

Bears Ears Education Center

Mokee Motel

Twin Rocks Trading Post

The Twin Rocks Trading Post was established in 1989. It's located beneath the Navajo Twins geologic formation on the east side of Bluff. The trading post features an excellent selection of Navajo baskets and contemporary Native American turquoise jewelry.

Twin Rock Trading Post - This way

Twin Rocks Trading Post July 1992

Twin Rocks Trading Post July 2023

Twin Rocks Trading Post

Trading Post Interior - very nice merchandise

Twin Rocks Cafe

Bluff Fort

The Bluff pioneers built their cabins all facing inward to form the original fort. Most of the original settlement disappeared over the years, but the fort has been largely reconstructed through the efforts of the Hole in the Rock Foundation (HIRF). An original cabin (the Barton Cabin) is still standing within the fort. A replica of the settlers Co-Op Store was completed in 2013 and serves as the Visitors Center and Gift Shop.

Memorial Honoring the Original Pioneers

Bluff Meetinghouse

Replica of Bluff Fort Meetinghouse

Original wagon used on the Hole in the Rock Trail


Pioneer Covered Wagon

Lyman Family Cabin

Lyman Cabin Interior

San Juan Co-Operative Company

Pioneer Display

Gift shop items

Parley R. and Ency Camilla Butt

Butt Cabin Interior

Wagon Encampment Display

Wagon Encampment Display

The Hole-in-the-Rock Pioneers


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