Aztec Ruins National Monument

Aztec Ruins National Monument preserves an Ancestral Pueblo Great House. The Pueblo was constructed from the 11th to 13th centuries, and contains over 400 rooms and many kivas. There is also a unique tri-wall structure and a reconstructed great kiva. Aztec Ruins National Monument is situated near the Animas River in the town of Aztec, NM. The ruins were erroneously named by early settlers who thought they were constructed by the Aztec civilization.

Park Sign

Visitor Center

Visitor Center

Visitor Center Museum

Ramada Picnic Shelter

Manos y Metates

Turquoise Banded Wall (1989)

Turquoise Banded Wall (2006)

Turquoise Banded Wall (2013)

Junction Chaco and Mesa Verde masonry styles

Two story wall with doors

Kiva Detail

Aztec Ruins

Room Blocks


Aligned Doorways

Wall with remainders of roof beams

Room Block

Many Doors

Room Block
Visitor Center in back

Aztec Ruins

Hubbard Tri-Wall Structure (2006)

Hubbard Tr-Wall Structure (2013)

Kin Kiva

Restored Great Kiva (2006)

Restored Great Kiva (2013)

Great Kiva Interior

Banded Room Wall

Central Room Block
North Side

North Wall and Room Blocks

Central and East Room Blocks

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