Anasazi State Park

Anasazi State Park is located in the town of Boulder in south central Utah. The main feature of the park is a partially excavated Anasazi village. The park has a visitor center, museum, gift shop, auditorium, and picnic areas (but no camping). The park also features a 6-room replica of part of the pueblo.

Park sign

Visitor Center

Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibits

Kiva reconstruction

Museum Exhibits

Six room pueblo replica

Coombs Site

The Coombs site is located directly behind the visitor center. It is a partially excavated Ancestral Puebloan village of approximately 100 rooms. The village is thought to have been built and occupied in the middle of the 12th century. Primary excavation was done by the University of Utah in 19580-1959, although the site remains largely unexcavated. University archeologists unearthed a community of about 90 rooms divided into two separate one-story apartment complexes, and recovered thousands of artifacts.

Room block

Excavated room block


Pit House Reconstruction

Park Terrain

Visitor Center and Pueblo Replica

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