National Museum of American History

Welcome to the National Museum of American History. I visited and photographed the museum in 2017. The museum is spread out overy 3 stories and each floor is divided into 3 sections, east, center, and west. There's so much to see that I didn't tour all of the sections, but I got to most of them. The photos below will give you some idea of what you can expect when you visit the museum. Some of the photos may be a touch grainy because I shot everything without a flash. I also sprinkled in several video clips (some are muted) that take some time to load, so admire the pictures while you wait for the videos.

National Museum of American History

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

1st Floor West - Innovation, Creativity, and Enterprise

First Floor West

..and a huge fail

Tucker automobile

1st Floor West - Places of Invention

Variety Club Hospital, Minnesota

Silicon Valley, California

Hartford, Connecticut

Inventions from Hartford

Places of Invention

Hollywood, California

1st Floor West - Value of Money

Gallery of Numismaticas

The Art of Money

Coin Collecting

Coin Collections

1st Floor Center - Constitution Avenue Entrance

Contitution Avenue Lobby

1 Center - Constitution Avenue Lobby

2nd Floor West - The Nation We Build Together

"The Nation We Build Together"

2 West - The Nation We Build Together

2nd Floor West - Within these Walls

This was an interesting exhibit; I wish I had better pictures of it. The exhibit consists of parts of an actual house and the families who accupied it from colonial times through World War II. The house stood on Elm Street in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Mostly I just have pictures of the signs about the families who occupied the house. I'm not quite sure what I missed between 1865 and 1945.

Sign explaining the exhibit

A House Full of History

"The Choate's House

The Choates' House

"Abraham and Sarah Choate"

"The Dodges and Chance Bradstreet"

"Lucy, Josiah, and Margaret Caldwell"

"Catherine Lynch" post WWII

2nd Floor West - Many Voices, One Nation

Hall of the American People

Hall of the American People

"How did we become US?"

"Marching with Liberty"

2nd Floor Center - Star Spangled Banner

No photographs are allowed in the Star Spangled Banner Hall, so I only have pictures of the entrance. Even that's pretty impressive.

Entrance to the Star Spangled Banner

Entrance to the Star Spangled Banner
View from Third Floor

2nd Floor East - American Ideals

I didn't visit this section.

Clara Barton's Ambulance

3rd Floor West - Under Renovation

3rd Floor Center - American Presidency

The American Presidency

The American Presidency gallery

President Street Names

Jobs of the President

Jobs of the President

3rd Floor Center - First Ladies

The First Ladies

Melania Trump's Inaugural Gown

Louisa Catherine Adams Table Service

First Ladies and their Table Services

3rd Floor East - Price of Freedom

The actual gunboat "Philadelphia" was in its own gallery but the gallery was too dark to take picures, so I placed the model of the "Philadelphia" here in case anyone's wondering.

3 East - Price of Freedom

Kenneth E. Behring Hall of Military History

"Give Me Liberty..."

Model of the gunboat "Philadelphia"

Model of the privateer "Rattlesnake"

War of Independence

"We the People..."

Prelude to Civil War

Prelude to Civil War

World War II

End of WWII

Huey and Medic - Vietnam

End of the Cold War

Sept 11, 2001

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